Glint Locks

About Us

Since 1980

Founded in 1980, located in Taiwan, GLINT has been in the industry for nearly 40 years. We supply high quality LOCK ACCESSORIES and LOCKSMITH SUPPLY all over the world.

In addition to producing accessories and parts, we also design and manufacture customized products. Our customers include major manufacturers in US, Europe, Australia, Japan, and India.

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50 +
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High quality,

high durability.

Our products have passed long – life tests, and meet environmental regulations. For nearly 40 years, our products have been considered high quality and trusted. 


Social Responsibility


Ethical Policy

  • Say no to bribery and corruption
  • Protect information security and data privacy
  • Understand principles underlying legislations and comply with regulations

Labor Policy

  • Respect labor laws, do not discriminate or force labor
  • Genuinely care for and treat employees
  • Compensate fairly in terms of salaries and benefits
  • Continuously strengthen employee rights and benefits

Environmental Policy

  • Ensure all employees understand and follow our environmental policy
  • Respect international and domestic regulations regarding environmental protection
  • Strengthen understanding of environmental sustainability through continuous dialogues and training
  • Prevent pollution, conserve energy, recycle and reuse resources whenever possible

Safety Policy

  • Set zero hazards and zero safety incidents as goals
  • Encourage everyone to work together to reduce and eliminate workplace safety hazards and risks 
  • Increase employee’s awareness of safety hazards and ability to handle them